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Reliable floor to drainage connection research ACO and SIKA

The connection between floor and drainage is vital for the longevity of the installation and to prevent hygienic failures through defects, such as delamination and cracking.

Until now, no proper study or research has taken place to investigate the behaviour of common floor-drainage connections and develop a precise installation guideline. As a result, we partnered with Sika, a market-leading resin flooring company, on a three year study and research program to provide a clear evidence-based installation guidance.

Flawed Floor-drainage Connection

Flawed floor-drainage connection

Ideal Example Of Drainage-floor Connection

Ideal example of drainage-floor connection

To learn more about the research, testing methodology and results, download our report.

This research has established a new way to design floor-drainage connections for demanding applications and has led to the development of new drainage products.

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