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Health and hygiene: drainage products for the food industry

ACO has 60 years worth of experience across a range of sectors, in understanding the significant impact that drainage has on health and safety – and in particular – hygiene within the hospitality industry.

Hygienic drainage design is paramount among many industries, and ACO drainage products are used in applications where drainage durability, corrosion resistance,drainage performance and cleanability are vital; including:

  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Brewing and bottling plants
  • Professional kitchens; and
  • Food processing facilities

ACO has designed a range of stainless steel products to meet rigorous industry standards. But first, let’s take a look at why hygiene matters.

The Importance of Hygiene in Drainage Design

Food safety, cost control and hygiene are all important factors when it comes to providing a service involving food and beverages. Unfortunately, because drainage systems aren’t always visible to the naked eye, many businesses simply don’t pay them enough attention.

Within food and beverage processing facilities, surface liquid can be quite hazardous due to microbiological contamination. Whether the liquid is discharged from equipment, caused by accidental spillage, or part of the cleaning processes itself, it usually contains organic matter.

Effective and hygienic floor drainage helps by reducing hazards from the external environment.

Drains can have 3 core functions, including:

  • The ability to act as a barrier
  • The conveyance of fluids; and,
  • Interception
Food Industry Drainage

The ease that drains can be cleaned in food processing plants reduces the overall risk of contamination and the spoilage of food throughout each stage of processing, storage and preparation. The primary objective is to remove wastewater by drains that can be easily cleaned and kept clean, which ultimately reduces the number of microorganisms.

Some of the elements of ACO’s hygienically designed, stainless steel products which facilitates this include:

  • No edges
  • No sharp corners
  • No crevices

Importantly, all of ACO’s hygienically designed products have easy accessibility for visual inspection.


ACO’s passion for consistently producing world-class products has led to an increase in research and development spending. ACO work with commercial businesses, managers, owners and operators to help keep its drain products at the very top of performance and design standards.

Food safety is likely to be a concern when there’s poor or hard to maintain drainage within food processing and preparation facilities. ACO’s solutions remove wastewater from the floor and facilitate hygienic maintenance.

Find out more about ACO’s hygienic drainage products – contact us or give us a call on 1300 765 226.

Food And Beverage Industry Drainage
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