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hygienic drainage Drainage designed for areas where hygiene is paramount ACO Food easily cleanable drainage food industry Rounded internal corners for complete cleanability ACO Food customised drainage Customised drainage to suit individual requirements ACO Food

ACO Food is a range of hygienic stainless steel channels designed to meet stringent industry requirements to prevent the contamination of harmful bacteria.

Deep drawn bodies enable complete drainage, thereby eliminating stagnant wastewater; smells and microbial growth. Designs incorporate large radii in the channels to ensure ease of cleaning.

Product range benefits:

  • Channels effectively remove wastewater from floors and eliminate standing water inside the drain
  • Slip resistant grates to reduce the risk of slips and trips
  • Rounded internal corners facilitate quick, easy and thorough cleaning

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ACO Food Hygienic Stainless Steel Channels


ACO Food TrayChannels are designed with rounded internal corners to enable quick, easy and efficient cleaning.

The large internal radii improve cleaning performance and reduce maintenance costs through dramatically reduced cleaning times.

Case studies for ACO Food solutions

Rosewood Aged Care Faciility

To eliminate the threat of health issues caused from bacteria present in an inefficient drainage system, the designers of the aged care facility required a hygienic, easy to clean and maintain drainage system for the commercial kitchen.

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Commercial Kitchen Cleanability

In food preparation facilities, cleaning is always top of mind and on the daily agenda. For chefs and commercial food businesses – how easy are your drainage systems easy to clean?

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Interactive Map

ACO has developed a comprehensive range of drainage solutions which are specifically designed to meet the needs of industrial beverage manufacturing and the amount of waste water produced.

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