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Rosewood Aged Care, Leederville, WA

Rosewood Care Group recently completed a residential aged care development costing $35 million. The construction comprised a basement car park, three-levels of communal living facilities, bedrooms for 120 beds and a commercial kitchen. The centre is situated in a parkland environment and conveniently located to transport,shopping and entertainment facilities.

Project Design Brief

A hygienic food preparation area is extremely important where elderly citizens are concerned due to their increased risk of infection. To eliminate the threat of health issues caused from bacteria present in an inefficient drainage system, the designers of the aged care facility required a hygienic, easy to clean and maintain drainage system for the commercial kitchen.

ACO's Solution


  • TrayChannel and grates were custom made to length and to suit existing plumbing
  • TrayChannel is manufactured with an inbuilt slope to facilitate efficient drainage to the outlets which eliminates stagnant water and the associated health hazards
  • TrayChannel corners are manufactured with a 3mm radius, which aids cleaning and eliminates areas where bacteria can accumulate and grow
Rosewood Aged Care Faciility
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