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Curious about our Drainage System Assessment service?

Drainage System Assessment Service

Drainage is a key contributor to the overall hygiene in every food processing plant, but irregular maintenance or poor installation during construction can cause many problems for the asset owner over time. To avoid this, engaging early with expert advice can avoid costly rework and reconstruction, or higher ongoing maintenance costs.

ACO’s DSA helping companies become more efficient

As a global leader in drainage systems, ACO is focused not only on developing its own products, but also on helping companies get the most efficient drainage solution. To assist companies with existing plants, we launched a Drainage System Assessment service, or DSA. This unique service assesses the condition of existing drainage and floors which influence food and beverage production environments. In these DSA’s we assess three main topics: hygiene, safety and operation. These factors directly influence food safety, health and safety of operators and plant operation continuity.

Our DSA experts have been helping global brands around the world. With extensive experience working for several international companies such as Nestlé, Bosch and Assa Abloy, our team have helped dozens of facilities around the globe to increase their hygienic operations.

Brewery assessment

Our DSA team visited a large brewery who were struggling with different challenges that escalated to flooding of the production area.

The problems the manufacturer experienced were:

  • The hydraulic capacity of the channels was too low for the volume of water generated
  • Grates could not be removed for maintenance and therefore cleaning had been overlooked
  • Incorrect floor slopes throughout

After identifying the issues, the DSA team proposed series of recommendations from quick fixes to long term solutions and larger reconstructions:

  • Improvement of floor sloping with removal of existing drainage
  • Installation of additional channel in front of the bottle filler to increase the capacity of the drainage system in line with the water volume produced

The DSA team compiled a full report with recommendations for the brewery’s management team to review.

In upcoming articles, our DSA series will explore some more case studies based on the teams experience around the world. So, stay tuned!

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