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ACO puts hygiene first

aco puts hygiene first

From fast food outlets to upmarket restaurants, one critical factor in any catering operation – hygienic drainage – is often overlooked with some key issues not being considered by specifiers and end users. Drainage design is fundamental to food hygiene, public health and ultimately the survival of a business.

As one of the world’s leading drainage specialists, we are determined to raise standards across every part of the hygienic drainage process from design through to installation, cleaning and maintenance.

HygieneFirst underlines our commitment to delivering the ultimate in hygienic drainage performance.

HygieneFirst: the core principals

1. Focus on food safety and cost reduction
ACO designs intelligent drainage solutions that minimize operational costs without compromising food safety.

2. Hygiene by design
Products incorporate the hygienic design principals normally reserved for food contact equipment and meet the highest standards specified.

3. Cost management
Low maintenance requirements and true ‘cleanability’ with robust, durable materials and efficient product designs.

4. Expert partnerships
Collaboration and partnership with suppliers, industry bodies, end users and leading academics to develop products with market leading in-situ performance

Once wastewater has been collected, commercial kitchens must also treat effluent before discharge to sewer with a grease trap. ACO has an exciting range of grease traps – click here to learn more.

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