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Stainless steel resistance table

The corrosion resistance information contained within this table is indicative only.

All data is based on reactions noted at an ambient temperature of 20°C. Higher temperatures will generally reduce the corrosion resistance of the materials.

QuestionSuitable, contact ACO for further advice
NoNot recommended
No dataNo data available

Typical factors that affect material selection:

  • type(s) of chemical(s) and % composition in the liquid
  • concentration percentages
  • contact time with trough system
  • temperatures of liquid flowing into the trough
  • flushing system employed o clear liquids from the system
  • type of cleaning agent (see Care & Maintenance)
  • grate, locking mechnism and trash basket materials
  • sealant for compatibility, if applicable

Test samples should be used for final determination of chemical resistance, contact ACO.

ReagentStainless Steel 304Stainless Steel 316
Acetic Acid 20%yesyes
Acetic Acid 80%yesyes
Alcohol (Methyl or Ethyl)yesyes
Aluminium ChlorideQuestionQuestion
Aluminium Sulphateyesyes
Ammonia Gas (Dry)yesyes
Ammonium ChlorideQuestionQuestion
Ammonium Hydroxideyesyes
Ammonium Nitrateyesyes
Ammonium Phosphateyesyes
Ammonium SulphateQuestionyes
Ammonium Sulphideyesyes
Amyl Chlorideyesyes
Barium Chlorideyesyes
Barium Hydroxide 10%No dataNo data
Barium Sulphateyesyes
Barium SulphideNo dataNo data
Beet Sugar Liquorsyesyes
Benzoic Acidyesyes
Bleach -12.5%Active C1No dataNo data
Boric Acidyesyes
Bromic AcidQuestionQuestion
Bromine WaterNoNo
Calcium Carbonateyesyes
Calcium ChlorideNoQuestion
Calcium HydroxideQuestionyes
Calcium HypochloriteNoQuestion
Calcium Sulphateyesyes
Cane Sugar LiquorsNo dataNo data
Carbon AcidNo dataNo data
Carbon Bisulphideyesyes
Carbon Dioxideyesyes
Carbon Monoxideyesyes
Carbon TetrachlorideQuestionQuestion
Caustic Potashyesyes
Caustic Sodayesyes
Chloride (Dry)QuestionQuestion
Chloride (Wet)NoNo
Chloroacetic AcidNo datayes
Chrome Acid 50%NoNo
Chromic Acid 10%yesyes
Citric AcidQuestionyes
Copper ChlorideNoNo
Copper Cyanideyesyes
Copper Nitrateyesyes
Copper Sulphateyesyes
Cottonseed OilNo dataNo data
CresolNo dataNo data
CyclorexanolNo dataNo data
DimethyleanineNo dataNo data
DionylphalateNo dataNo data
Disodium PhosphateNo dataNo data
Distilled Wateryesyes
Ethyl Acetateyesyes
Ethylene Chlorideyesyes
Ethylene Glycolyesyes
Ethylene Glycolyesyes
Ferric Sulphateyesyes
Fluorene Gas (Wet)NoNo
Formaldehyde (37%)yesyes
Formic Acid (90%)Noyes
Freon 12yesyes
Fruit Juices and PulpQuestionyes
Gasoline (Refined)yesyes
Hydrobromic Acid (20%)NoNo
Hydrochloric Acid (40%)NoNo
Hydrocyanic Acidyesyes
Hydrogen Peroxide (90%)yesyes
HydroquinoneNo dataNo data
Hypochlorous AcidNo dataNo data
Lactic Acid 25%yesyes
Linseed Oilyesyes
LiqueursNo dataNo data
Magnesium ChlorideQuestionQuestion
Magnesium Sulphateyesyes
Maleic AcidQuestionQuestion
Methyl ChlorideQuestionQuestion
Methyl Ethyl KetoneNo dataNo data
Minerals OilsNo dataNo data
Muriatic AcidNoNo
Nickel ChlorideQuestionQuestion
Nickel Sulphateyesyes
Oils and Fatsyesyes
Oleic Acidyesyes
OleumNo dataNo data
Oxalic AcidQuestionQuestion
Palmitic Acid 10%No dataNo data
Perchloric Acid 10%NoNo
Perchloric Acid 70%NoNo
Petroleum Oils (Sour)yesyes
Phenol 5%yesyes
Phosphorous Trichlorideyesyes
Photographic SolutionsQuestionQuestion
Picric Acidyesyes
Plating SolutionsNo dataNo data
Potassium Carbonateyesyes
Potassium Chlorideyesyes
Potassium Cyanideyesyes
Potassium Dichromateyesyes
Potassium Hydroxideyesyes
Potassium Permanganateyesyes
Potassium Sulphateyesyes
Propane GasNo dataNo data
Propyl AlcoholNo dataNo data
Sea WaterNoQuestion
Silver Nitrateyesyes
Silver Sulphateyesyes
Sodium Bicarbonateyesyes
Sodium Bisulphiteyesyes
Sodium Carbonateyesyes
Sodium Cyanideyesyes
Sodium FerrocyanideNo dataNo data
Sodium Hydroxideyesyes
Sodium HypochloriteQuestionyes
Sodium Sulphateyesyes
Sodium SulphideQuestionyes
Sodium SulphiteQuestionyes
Sodium Thiosulphateyesyes
Stannous ChlorideQuestionQuestion
Stearic Acidyesyes
Sulphite LiquorNo dataNo data
Sulphurous AcidQuestionQuestion
Sulphur Dioxide (Dry)Questionyes
Sulphur Dioxide (Wet)Questionyes
Sulphuric Acid 50%NoNo
Sulphuric Acid 70%NoNo
Sulphuric Acid 93%NoNo
Tannic Acidyesyes
Tanning Liquorsyesyes
Tartaric AcidNo dataNo data
TolueneNo dataNo data
TriethanolamineNo dataNo data
Trisodium PhosphateNo dataNo data
Water (Fresh)yesyes
Water (Mine)yesyes
Water (Salt)QuestionQuestion
XyleneNo dataNo data
Zinc ChlorideNoNo
Zinc SulphateQuestionyes
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